“NO LAN CABLE” error on Grandstream? Try this!

(NOTE: If you’re impatient, there’s a TL;DR at the bottom of the post, but it may not make much sense to you without the rest of the information in the post. Skip there at your own risk…)

A bit of backstory…

For many years, I’ve used the venerable Cisco SPA508G IP phone as my daily driver on both my home and office desks. Throw in a Cisco SPA500DS digital sidecar, and it’s a golden setup. Plenty of keys for speed dialing, other extensions, etc. and all of your sidecar labeling is controlled from the provisioning server — no more fooling with paper inserts!

As such, I’ve always used that setup as my benchmark when evaluating new IP phones for possible use with my customers. The Cisco equipment is solidly built, reliable, sounds great, and is fairly easy to work with.

A year or so back, I started evaluating more “modern” phones with features my customers would like to see, such as color screens, gigabit Ethernet (for passthrough to computers, etc.) I’ve tried phones by Sangoma, Yealink, and probably a few other vendors. The audio quality on the Sangoma, frankly, sucked. I tried to work with them on getting that fixed, to no avail. I can’t remember what happened with the Yealink or others — but in the end, the Cisco setup always ended up on my desk.

Enter Grandstream…

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2018 New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome one and all! It’s 2018! Yeah, I know, we’re actually a few days into 2018 at this point… However, I’ve been a bit under the weather (to say the least) for the past week or so, and I’m just now starting to get back to my usual self. (Apparently my body doesn’t like this constant warm-cold-warm-freezing weather shenanigan that is going on, especially with these teens and single-digit temperatures this week!) For one, it’s completely killed my voice, which has made life interesting considering I work in broadcasting as well as do voice production. I digress…

At this time of year, everyone is busy making New Year’s resolutions. Okay, so by this point in the year, most “normal” people have already had their resolutions made for about 48 hours, and are well on their way to forgetting about the remaining one or two of them they haven’t failed on yet. But, anyone who knows me, knows I’m far from being a “normal” person. Thus, I’ve taken the time this year to think through my New Year’s resolutions. The goal: Make some resolutions I feel like I’ll actually keep, make them public, and stick to them — even if it means making them a few days “late” so-to-speak.

And now… I present to you… my 2018 New Year’s resolutions!

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