2018 New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome one and all! It’s 2018! Yeah, I know, we’re actually a few days into 2018 at this point… However, I’ve been a bit under the weather (to say the least) for the past week or so, and I’m just now starting to get back to my usual self. (Apparently my body doesn’t like this constant warm-cold-warm-freezing weather shenanigan that is going on, especially with these teens and single-digit temperatures this week!) For one, it’s completely killed my voice, which has made life interesting considering I work in broadcasting as well as do voice production. I digress…

At this time of year, everyone is busy making New Year’s resolutions. Okay, so by this point in the year, most “normal” people have already had their resolutions made for about 48 hours, and are well on their way to forgetting about the remaining one or two of them they haven’t failed on yet. But, anyone who knows me, knows I’m far from being a “normal” person. Thus, I’ve taken the time this year to think through my New Year’s resolutions. The goal: Make some resolutions I feel like I’ll actually keep, make them public, and stick to them — even if it means making them a few days “late” so-to-speak.

And now… I present to you… my 2018 New Year’s resolutions!

Okay, so there should have been some kind of applause sound in there, but oh well… I’m too lazy to dub one in. Maybe that means I should make laziness and procrastination my first resolution of the year? Here they are…

  1. Read the Bible more. Yes, seriously. You should, as well. Every day. At least once. And, if you already do once, do it twice.
  2. Have a better walk with God. This ties in to #1. Again, you should, as well. If you haven’t made your resolutions yet, include these two. If you have, well, add them to your existing ones if they aren’t there already. Make them your top two.
  3. Stop caring about what others think. Most people don’t like me. Most people don’t like much of anything I do. There are ideas in this world that get thrown by the wayside if I propose them, but would be adopted in a heartbeat so long as someone other than me proposes them. I get that. However, this year, I resolve to stop caring about that. Either you like me or you don’t. If you like me, great, you can run with me. If not, then you can do your own thing. But, life is too short to care about what others think, try to bend yourself to make them happy, etc. Thirty-six and a half years of life have taught me that.
  4. Share publicly. Yes, I have knowledge. Yes, I have opinions on just about everything. Yes, I make discoveries that are useful. Those are all usually shared within my circle of friends and co-workers, admittedly, most on Facebook. Nearly all of my posts for quite sometime on Facebook have been set to “Friends” — and while that’s fine for some stuff more personal in nature, there are things I have to say that would be valuable outside of my circle of friends. So, I’m no longer setting all my posts to “Friends” — anything that might be worthwhile to the public at-large will be posted as such. Also, I’m not going to restrict myself to Facebook (or even Twitter) as my only posting platform. Either one of those could go away tomorrow if their business interest changes. Why let some corporation control your communications platform? This website is run by me. Sure, it’s hosted on a server somewhere, but should that company choose to shut it down, I can always re-publish the content on a server elsewhere (or publish it on my server at home.) The same URL will work regardless of where I host it. Anything valuable enough to be shared with the world is valuable enough to be shared over a platform which I control. Expect to see more blog posts here. I’m shooting for three a week. No promises, but I’ll try.
  5. Step up my “cyber security” a few notches. This isn’t to say that I haven’t (or don’t) pay attention to security. I’m one of the more security-minded folks you’ll find out there. However, I don’t care how security-minded you are, you can always do better. This goes for my website. It also goes for my network at home, at the office(s) I manage networks for, etc. Things like more granular access control for user accounts, network access, etc. Securing all web properties I own or help manage (namely, enabling full HTTPS for all sites.) I’ve already enabled a lot of sites to HTTPS-only in 2017, and that’ll just continue as this year progresses. (Honestly, if you manage a website, you need to look into that as well, as many browsers will soon start labeling HTTP-only sites as “Not secure” to your visitors. I know, I know… SSL certificates and dedicated IPs are expensive. Two words: Let’s Encrypt and SNI.)
  6. Grow my voice production venture even more. Yes, I do voice production. Links for that are all over this site. I want to grow that more (a little money on the side never hurt), perhaps upgrade my studio a bit. Why not?

And, there you have it folks! We’ll see how this venture into 2018 goes. I feel confident that it’ll be the best year yet, though! Go Raiders!

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