FreePBX Distro (SNG7) on Amazon EC2

NOTE: Special thanks to Andrew Nagy at Sangoma for pointing me to some information that formed the basis of this fix. I had originally created a bug report with a patch that fixed this script, which set the entire thing in motion. Also, this information is being contributed to the community by myself, and the company I own (Voiceopia Communications), in hopes it’ll be of assistance to others. Of course, if you need some turn-key FreePBX stuff, drop us a line!

For quite some time, I have been happily running FreePBX 13 systems (under FreePBX Distro) in the Amazon EC2 cloud without any issues. Once FreePBX 14 went stable, it was the next logical step to set it up to run within EC2 as well, with the idea being to upgrade some of my 13 systems over to it.

Several months of experimentation went by, and I kept running into a common issue: The systems seemed to drop off the network after an hour or so of uptime. Restarting the system via AWS seemed to get things back in order — for another hour or so. Then the process repeats itself. Continue reading “FreePBX Distro (SNG7) on Amazon EC2”